15th Anniversary of
Golden Hour
See how our technology still saves lives on the front line and beyond.
Take the Tour
Tour the Crēdo™ Cargo bulk shipper system.
Chronos Advance
Chronos™ Advance wins 2017 Queen's Award for Innovation
Introducing the Series 22 Universal System
Designed for operational ease and high performance in any temperature condition.
Introducing CoolPall Vertos Advance
Advancements include phase change material and vacuum insulated panels for fridge hold and added stability.
Supporting Diabetes Awareness
Pelican BioThermal donated a Crēdo ProMed™ to Support the Global Cyclists of "For a Piece of Cake"
Chronos Express
The best single-use choice for Total Cost of Ownership.


Patented award-winning Golden Hour™ Technology and Credo ProEnvision™ track-and-trace software.

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Safe transport of temperature-sensitive tissues, biologics, diagnostics, devices and vaccines for the global life science industry.

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Consultation, design, engineering, manufacturing, refurbishment and reverse logistics asset management.

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A Crēdo Cube’s Journey

Witness the peerless performance of our Crēdo Cube™ temperature controlled packaging against the constant changes in ambient temperature during a 5-day journey involving trucks, airplanes and warehouses. We protect life-saving products on their journey to the patient.