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Each day you work tirelessly to save and improve lives. To each patient you touch, you’re an untold hero. They don’t see the time, energy and care you put into bringing their health-giving and life-saving drugs and therapies to market. But we do.

We admire the work you do and make it our mission to work alongside you

Our roots are grounded in life sciences--just like yours. We developed our first temperature controlled packaging product for the U.S. Army to safely, securely and reliably transport blood supplies, tissues, biologics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and vaccines to far-forward combat areas away from fixed medical facilities. This same innovative technology--Golden Hour™--is what you know and trust to protect what you value most.

Credo ProMed

Our focus encourages innovations that match your needs. And not just products

We understand that discovery, clinical trials and commercialization require different solutions. Our dry ice and frozen parcel shippers protect your active pharmaceutical ingredients as you focus on drug discovery. Easy-to-use, lightweight solutions like NanoCool™ push button technology and Crēdo Cube™ passive, reusable shippers make temperature controlled packaging accessible to cold chain novices. Single-use thermal packaging like CoolGuard™ Advance shippers and CoolGuard™ PCM shippers offer solutions when recovering packaging is not an option. And bulk shippers like Crēdo™ Cargo thermal packaging and Crēdo Xtreme™ thermal packaging deliver your commercial-ready products to the world.


By trusting us with all of your cold chain needs, you simplify your cold chain logistics. Our global network meets you wherever you are in the world. That means one vendor, one set of standards, one time through the quality assurance process.

Credo Cube Laboratory

Your Cold Chain Partner from Discovery to Distribution

We’re growing. We’re evolving. We’re doing more every day to bring transparency to your cold chain operations and to make your life easier. Whether an off-the-shelf or custom thermal packaging solution, we’re here with you from discovery through distribution.

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