Crēdo™ Cargo

Credo Cargo reusable bulk shipper for Rental use

Crēdo™ Cargo temperature controlled bulk shippers simplify global logistics challenges while maintaining the easy-to-use coolant loading system you know and trust from Crēdo™ containers. Available for life sciences organizations through the Crēdo™ on Demand Rental Program, this bulk shipper requires no electricity, dry ice or batteries, providing more transportation choices and alleviating payload excursion risk due to power failure.

Crēdo™ Cargo cold chain bulk shippers ensure high performance and consistent temperature stability in excess of 120 hours. The lightweight, sturdy design with tough external wall construction absorbs and deflects impacts and is designed for stackable, easy storage.  They are built using high performance PCM (phase change material) for coolant and VIPs (vacuum insulated panels) for superior insulation.

Crēdo™ Cargo temperature controlled bulk shippers are tested to ISTA7D profiles.


Temperature Range
Crēdo™ Cargo Chilled
1686.00 L
144.0 h
Crēdo™ Cargo Ambient
1686.00 L
144.0 h
Crēdo™ Cargo Frozen
Sub -18°C
1686.00 L
144.0 h

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