It's the Cornerstone of Our Business

Peli BioThermal designs temperature controlled shippers to ensure our customers' valuable payloads are kept in perfect condition, irrespective of external temperatures and conditions. They are designed to be strong and robust, to survive the rigors of international transport. With environmental issues in mind, we ensure that our design team specifies the correct materials and considers ‘end of life’ recycling for all of our ranges, whether they are single-use or reusable temperature controlled packaging systems.

Rental Programs

We offer a number of bulk shipper products for rent, via our Crēdo™ on Demand and Crēdo™ on Reserve programs, which support the sustainability commitments made by the dynamic, ever-changing global pharmaceutical and cold chain industries.

Reusable Products

We offer a wide range of reusable packaging systems, all of which can be used and reused repeatedly. These are available for purchase or, in some cases, for rental.


To download a copy of our 2020 sustainability survey, click here:

Download the 2020 BioPharma Cold Chain Logistics Sustainability Survey