Crēdo™ Operating Room Container

Temperature controlled container for use in transporting blood within a hospital, from blood bank to operating room. Maintains safe temperature for the blood throughout the procedure and for any remaining units to be returned to blood bank.

Crēdo™ Operating Room Container

Crēdo™ ORC 2L +2°C to +8°C (Blue)

Crēdo™ ORC 8L +2°C to +8°C (Blue)

Crēdo™ ORC 2L +15°C to +25°C (Red)

Temperature Range
Crēdo™ ORC
2.09 L
10.0 h
Crēdo™ ORC 8L
7.69 L
24.0 h
Crēdo™ ORC
2.00 L
12.0 h

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