Crēdo™ on Reserve

Longer Term Rental for Predictable Usage Needs

Our rental program offers two options for renting temperature controlled shippers - dedicated inventory or pooled inventory taking the stress and resource away from your operation. Our team of experts manage all of the reverse logistics and refurbishment activities through our network of global service centers.

Each cold chain rental supports full traceability of the fleet and associated data for each shipment using our Crēdo ProEnvision™ software which offers integration with a variety of location and temperature tracking technologies; from just in time to real time.


Dedicated Inventory

  • Flexibility for longer term and predictable usage needs
  • Assets to meet your requirements
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Features Crēdo Cube™ reusable parcel shippers

Pooled Inventory

  • Ready to use
  • Flexible contracting
  • Optimized to your program
  • Features Crēdo™ Go reusable parcel shippers


Crēdo™ Go Stack