Saving Lives on the Front Line and Beyond

When the U.S. Army issued a request for proposal (RFP) seeking a way to store life-saving blood and platelets for emergency use on the battlefield, Peli BioThermal answered the call. Golden Hour™ Mobile container — designed to easily carry up to four units of blood and store them at the correct temperature for up to 72 hours — won the bid and received the U.S. Army’s Greatest Invention Award in 2003.

Now, the Golden Hour™ range of containers are extended to include the Golden Hour™ One container, designed to transport a single unit of blood / plasma and the Golden Hour™ Medic container, a sturdy but lightweight backpack for two units of blood / plasma, in addition to the market-changing Golden Hour™ Mobile container.

Your defenders are your most valuable asset.

For nearly 20 years, militaries across the world have trusted Golden Hour products to safely, securely and reliably transport blood supplies, tissues, biologics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and vaccines to far-forward combat areas away from fixed medical facilities.

Today, Peli BioThermal provides a full line of light weight, durable, rugged temperature controlled packaging solutions with the longest temperature control duration on the market — 96 hours of thermal protection.


Moving blood far forward

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