NanoCool Push Button Activation

NanoCool Instantly Cooled Parcel

NanoCool Push Button Activation

The NanoCool systems offer convenient temperature-controlled packaging uses evaporative cooling technology along with phase change materials (PCM) and advanced insulation VIPs for an easy-to-activate shipping system.

The Universal Systems, Cooling Systems and Insulated Shippers allow for an easy, no-conditioning shipper that are typically smaller and lighter than conventional packaging which allows for lower freight costs and less warehouse space needing to be utilised.

Key Features

  • The simple two-piece container offers year found protection without conditioning or complicated pack out
  • Advanced evaporative cooling with one-touch activation
  • No conditioning required
  • Freight savings due to smaller and lighter package
  • 2-8°C product transport systems
  • Choice of duration from 42-96 hours
  • Shuttle™ System ideal for overnight shipments
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