2019 Biopharma cold chain logistics survey report

As strong growth continues across the global pharmaceuticals industry, the sub-category of temperature-controlled products is surging ahead. Sales volume for these highly sensitive products is growing at twice the rate of the industry overall, with $318 billion in global sales in 2018 accounting for more than one-quarter (27%) of total sales volume.1 This exponential growth also brings surging demand for specialized, temperature-controlled logistics services to safely, reliably and cost-effectively distribute high value, high-sensitivity products. By 2022, 30 of the 50 top global biopharma products will require cold chain handling.1 Fueled by this demand, biopharma cold chain logistics grew to $15 billion in 2018. With projected 12.7% YOY growth, analysts predict it will reach nearly $17 billion by 2021.1

It’s not difficult to understand the factors behind this growth: The shift to biologic and biosimilar drugs and precision-medicine treatments mean the majority of new and high-value drugs will be highly sensitive. Correspondingly, regulations governing these highly sensitive products are growing stricter. Finally, the biopharma supply chain has become much more global, as specialized products must make their way to every corner of the world, and emerging markets create new shipping demands.