Crēdo™ Go

Welcome to Crēdo™ Go

Our new high performance, temperature controlled rental shipper. View this animation to learn about this parcel shipper’s unique features and how it can solve your cold chain logistics challenges.

Get Set to Revolutionize the Commercial Pharma Cold Chain

Crēdo™ Go is more than a product, it’s a system. Featuring full end-to-end management by Peli BioThermal, via our Global network of service centers, the program includes conditioning, outbound and return logistics, including full traceability, giving the customer a simple, easy to specify solution for their Commercial Pharma shipment requirements.

Ensuring the Optimal Product Selection

Customers can discover their optimal suite of Crēdo™ Go parcel shippers by utilizing the power of our Peli Biothermal™ TruFit - a software tool to diagnose their current operations with a product mix that maximizes their product fill ratio and minimizes shipping costs.

Crēdo™ Go has inherited the Crēdo Cube™ DNA of superior thermal protection and high quality material and construction, but has evolved to be a thermally and dimensionally flexible way to cater for variable lane challenges, temperature control requirements and payload shapes.

Delivering Value for Customers

Aimed at the commercial pharma market, where space efficiency and cost of shipping is of vital importance. Crēdo™ Go can be optimized by adding or removing TIC panels, giving the perfect combination of duration, performance and product fit for the customer, therefore delivering quantifiable cost savings over existing products and systems.