Sustainability in 2020

Sustainability has recently become a topic that is important to many organizations including Peli BioThermal. We want to know how you and your organization use cold chain logistics for pharmaceutical distribution and how you are currently and planning to be more green in day to day operations, in addition to how you and your organization value sustainability efforts.

Saving Lives on the Front Line and Beyond

Over 15 years ago, we answered a call from the US military for a reliable, temperature controlled container to transport blood and platelets to far forward combat areas, in order to save lives during the critical first hour after injury, or the Golden Hour.

Global Air Cargo Trends Re-Shaping Pharmaceutical Transport

As we welcome the new decade and the exciting advances it is expected to unleash, many of the forces that shaped the past decade for transporting pharmaceuticals will continue. Price pressures, alternatives to air freight and increasing automation are just a few. However, there are emerging trends that make 2020 unique.

For a piece of cake

This video highlights how Chiara Ricciardi and Riccardo Rocchi bicycled almost 11,000 miles from Cesena, Italy to Singapore in their effort called For a Piece of Cake.

2020 Cold Chain Forecast — Ushering in the Next Decade of Change

As we cross the threshold into a new decade in 2020, it’s a time to take stock of the significant changes that transformed the pharmaceutical cold chain industry during the past decade. The years from 2010 through 2019 indelibly altered the landscape of pharmaceutical development and delivery, introducing both life-saving breakthroughs and unprecedented business pressure.