How to Prepare for a Customs Hold

When pharmaceutical companies are shipping medications across great distances, it’s not only on-time delivery that matters. On-temperature delivery is even more crucial for some products. Maintaining the recommended temperature range for the payload is vital. Without it, the potency of the medication is diminished, or depleted altogether. 

Beard Battlers Win for Charity!

When the global pandemic broke out earlier this year, the sales and marketing teams decided to raise funds for a charity who supported their community during the crisis. To add some competition to the fund raising, the worldwide based team held a beard growing contest during lockdown, with the winner being picked by a select team of judges.

Habersham County located in the US state of Georgia selects Crēdo ProMed as part of pilot program

Habersham County located in the northeastern part of the US state of Georgia, reached out to Peli BioThermal to utilize our 4L Crēdo ProMed as part of an effort to support the Region 2 prehospital blood project which is a state pilot project that places lifesaving blood or plasma products in emergency service vehicles in four counties for transfusions on the scene or while in route to a hospital.

Distributor Spotlight: BioThermal SA

BioThermal SA is a proud distributor of Pelican BioThermal temperature controlled packaging to the South Africa and Africa markets. Established in 2020, BioThermal SA’s main goal is to offer products that provide peace of mind when transporting valuable temperature-controlled products.