Young Future Engineers Take on Crēdo™ Redesign

Feb 10, 2022

An engineering team of Minnesotan middle schoolers recently took on the task of redesigning one of Peli BioThermal’s Crēdo™ products. The team’s coach works for Be The Match, a nonprofit organization that connects people willing to donate blood stem cells to a patient in need. The coach uses the Crēdo Cube™ and Crēdo ProMed™ products to transport donations, and knows firsthand the occasional challenges of bringing the Crēdo products onto a flight and not being able to fit them in the overhead bin. Sometimes couriers have needed to seek out ground transport or a larger aircraft to deliver their precious cargo.

The coach challenged his students to design a smaller product that fits in overhead bins using existing components. A smaller product would reduce costs for Peli BioThermal and Be The Match, and it would reduce barriers for couriers.

The students recently presented their prototype to members of the Peli BioThermal engineering staff. It is based on current product components being adapted into a new form factor and shows great potential.

After their presentation, the students were treated to a tour of Peli BioThermal’s new Maple Grove facility. More to come from this innovative team of young engineers!

Students with new packaging design