World Blood Donor Day 2021

Jun 14, 2021

Today is World Blood Donor Day, and through our work with first responders, defense and military, and the broader life sciences industry, we know just how important it is to have a healthy supply of safe blood and blood products available. And since the need for blood is universal, but access to blood for those who need it is not, we encourage those who can to donate blood.

Following a successful blood donation and safe transfusion campaign for World Health Day in 2000, the World Health Organization and health ministers from across the world declared June 14 World Blood Donor Day in 2005. The date was chosen because it's the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, a biologist, physician and immunologist responsible for discovering the ABO blood type system.

The theme of this year's World Blood Donor Day campaign is “Give blood and keep the world beating”. The message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make to keeping the world pulsating by saving lives and improving others’ health.

On July 6, we'll host our annual blood drive to support the mission of both Peli BioThermal and Pelican Products customers, in addition to serving the needs of the community. To learn more about blood donation, visit or connect with your local blood donation facility to donate.