Top Five Considerations in Cold Chain Packaging

Dec 1, 2022

Two short decades ago, the world used Styrofoam and water-based gel packs to transport temperature-sensitive materials. As regulatory requirements grew, more expensive drugs came to market and risk tolerance for costly excursions decreased, cold chain packaging innovators began to experiment with phase change materials.

With so much innovation over the past two decades, it’s challenging to keep up with the cold chain industry. In this month’s Contract Pharma, Adam Tetz, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Peli BioThermal, shares the top five considerations for cold chain packaging. In the article he discusses:

  • Types of temperature-controlled systems
  • Single-use and reusable systems
  • Rent or purchase considerations
  • Product performance needs
  • Service network and support

To learn more about temperature-controlled packaging, including baseline knowledge, focus and structure required to assess temperature-controlled solutions, visit Contract Pharma online.

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