Single use or Reusable Shippers: Solving the Packaging Puzzle

Dec 2, 2021

When it comes to manufacturing health-giving and life-saving pharmaceutical products, the most important goal is to protect valuable payloads. But choosing the right temperature controlled packaging is more complex than payload size and temperature requirements. This is even more true now with the ever-changing nature of the supply chain.

In the November issue of Pharma Manufacturing, James Klingelhoefer, Director of Sales, Americas at Peli BioThermal discusses the criteria pharmaceutical companies should use to select temperature controlled packaging that meets their unique needs. He outlines considerations for:

  • Performance: Go beyond temperature control performance and volumetric efficiency by also considering durability and temperature monitoring.
  • Cost: Price is more than a comparison of single-use shipper costs vs. the per-use cost of reusable shippers.
  • Transport: Supply chain issues may require packaging options that reduce risk.
  • Sustainability: An increasing focus in this area makes sustainability an important consideration as pharmaceutical companies evaluate vendors.

Read the full article on Pharma Manufacturing’s website.

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