Saving Lives: World Marrow Donor Day

Sep 16, 2021

This Saturday is World Marrow Donor Day. World Marrow Donor Day, which takes place on the third Saturday of each September, is a day of gratitude and awareness for the millions of current and potential blood stem cell donors around the world. Blood stem cells from unrelated donors give patients battling 70 different diseases--blood cancers, immune disorders, sickle cell and more--a second chance at life.

In coordination with DKMS and other registries, Peli BioThermal plays a role in saving the lives of patients who need a blood stem cell transplant to survive. When donations need to be hand delivered from a donor to a patient’s bedside, couriers rely on products like the Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag and Crēdo Cube™ to store temperature-sensitive donations at exactly the right temperature, with no room for error.

Couriers are faced with the challenges of delivering vital blood stem cell donations through busy airports, special security measures, in the aftermath of natural disasters and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With Peli BioThermal packaging, blood stem cells remain at exactly the right temperature for up to seven days. Whatever they’re faced with, couriers can count on Peli BioThermal products to ensure that their life-saving donations arrive safely and uncompromised.

In October 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontime Onboard Courier was tasked with transporting life-saving blood stem cells from Brazil to South Africa. New travel requirements in both Brazil and South Africa required the blood stem cells to travel with one courier from Brazil to Europe and another from Europe to South Africa. Using Crēdo ProMed™ carry bags, the donations were safely transported within 40 hours to successfully save the life of a patient in need of a transplant. The Crēdo ProMed™ bag made it possible for the couriers to travel without needing external refrigeration.

To learn more about how you can save a life or to participate in The World Marrow Donor Association’s 24-hour live stream event on World Marrow Donor Day, visit

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