Protecting Packed Red Blood Cells

Dec 21, 2022

Emergency medical services personnel increasingly carry blood on board to deliver life-saving care pre-hospital. And the Peli BioThermal Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag is a trusted solution to keep these temperature-sensitive medical materials safe and within temperature range for up to 72 hours.

Recently, the staff at UChicago Medicine began using the Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag for another application–to transport packed red blood cells (pRBCs) for use with TransMedics’ Organ Care System (OCS) Lung. The OCS Lung is a device that uses pRBCs perfusion to keep the organ viable for transplantation and potentially expand organ retrieval range.

In a study completed by UChicago Medicine, they compared a traditional performance cooler to the Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag for pRBC transport. Use of the performance cooler, validated to keep pRBCs within temperature range for four hours, resulted in an estimated loss of $1,800 while the Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag had no waste.

Blood is a valuable resource that is often in short supply. According to the study, blood waste accounted for 14.2 percent of the total pRBC units issued for lung recovery by the institution’s blood bank. All of the wasted units were transported using the traditional performance cooler. Using the Crēdo ProMed™ carry bag can help reduce waste and protect the valuable blood supply.

See the full study here.

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