For a Piece of Cake

Mar 24, 2023

Peli BioThermal products are most often used by life science organizations to transport life-saving and health-giving temperature-sensitive products around the world. But on some occasions their application is more personal.

In 2016, Chiara Ricciardi and Riccardo Rocchi embarked on a 18,000 km bike ride from Cesena, Italy to Singapore. The duo dubbed their project For A Piece of Cake because construction engineer, Chiara, has type 1 diabetes and “a slice of cake is an obvious pleasure for many, but an achievement for others.”

During their cycling journey, the couple navigated their way through numerous countries and continents tackling some of the toughest terrains, often via routes in remote regions in extreme weather conditions. Chiara had to have her essential diabetes medication and equipment on board her bike throughout the entire journey, and ensuring it remained at the right temperature was critical.

To maintain temperature stability for her insulin, Peli BioThermal supplied the Credo ProMed™ carry bag, a robust, temperature-controlled portable medical transport bag designed for emergency first responders and medical couriers to ensure protected pharmaceuticals remain intact. Learn more through the video below about Chiara and Riccardo’s journey and how the Credo ProMed™ carry bag helped ensure Chiara always had a safe supply of insulin.

Credo ProMed reusable shipper