Peli BioThermal Wins Third Award From IMAPAC

Jun 30, 2022

For the third time this year, IMAPAC recognized Peli BioThermal for its temperature controlled packaging solutions. The Korean Bioprocessing Excellence Award 2022 was presented to the organization in the category of Best Temperature Control Packaging Provider - Passive Award.

The 2022 awards recognize exceptional supply chain logistics experts, organizations and technologies that facilitate excellence in the pharmaceutical supply chain. This includes a focus on optimized cost, on-time delivery and secure shipment handling. The award ceremony was held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Biologistics World Korea conference on June 29, 2022. More than 300 representatives from Korea’s top biopharmas, vaccine manufacturers, biologics and supply chain solutions companies attend.

Peli BioThermal was also recognized with the Best Temperature Control Packaging Provider Award in the India Biologics and Vaccines Outstanding Awards 2022 and the Innovation in Supply Chain of the Year Award at the annual Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2022.

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