Peli BioThermal Launches New Scholarship Program

Jan 27, 2022

Peli BioThermal is proud to announce a new employee scholarship program in honor of the founder of NanoCool, Douglas Michael Smith, who passed away in January 2021.

Doug Smith’s legacy includes not only NanoCool, but seven other related ventures and over 100 patents. His innovations advanced the industry through the science of phase change materials and thermal insulation. His revolutionary patents include everything from processes for producing materials, to devices used for cooling, to temperature-controlled packaging products and methods. A common thread in his work was increasing energy efficiency and reducing fuel usage to ship medical products.

Doug is remembered for his humor, generous nature and commitment to his employees. He was passionate about employee education and development. The well-being of his employees came first and foremost in his decision to sell NanaCool to Peli BioThermal in early 2020, after thorough research and understanding that it was the right fit.

We’re proud to honor Doug with a scholarship program that will support and inspire future leaders and innovators to advance the industry and build on Doug’s important work. Scholarships will be issued to employees of Peli BioThermal on an annual basis.

Doug Smith plaque