Inside the Indianapolis Service Center

Apr 13, 2023

Reusable shippers require care and maintenance to achieve the maximum lifespan. As shippers arrive at one of our service centers from their journey to transport life-saving and health-giving pharmaceutical products around the world, our staff prep them for their next trip.

First, our team sorts, scans and quarantines each shipper. Refurbishment then begins with recycling overpack and payload boxes, followed by inspection, sanitization and assessing repair needs. Repairs may include replacing the white plastic box or damaged VIP (vacuum insulated panel) insulation. TIC™ coolants are placed in cages and rolled into blast freezers. After 48 hours, they’re ready for pack-out and shipments.

Take a peek inside our Indianapolis service center and learn more about how our service centers support customers who use the Crēdo™ on Demand rental program.