Innovating for Deep Frozen Shipments

Dec 15, 2022

When COVID-19 turned the world upside down, it also sparked an immense amount of innovation. Though the supply chain was not equipped to handle vaccines that required deep frozen temperatures and at a volume greater than most shipments for pharmaceutical products, cold chain companies responded quickly.

A passive shipping system was the ideal solution for COVID-19 vaccines. With fewer restrictions and no maintenance required during transit, it could withstand the challenges posed by a fractured supply chain, including short-term delivery delays and last mile deliveries where power sources were inaccessible.

Creating something new would take too long, so Peli BioThermal innovated to reengineer its Crēdo™ Cargo passive bulk shipper to achieve 84 hours of thermal protection using dry ice. Learn more about this new shipper and how it supports deep frozen shipments in our most recent white paper.

Credo Cargo bulk shipper