Four Key Trends in Freight Forwarding

Jan 20, 2023

The past three years have brought their fair share of supply chain disruptions. And though it’s difficult to predict exactly how each new year will unfold, the current state of the industry leaves clues. Maersk, a company focused on simplifying supply chains, recently shared four key trends to expect from freight forwarding in 2023. Their predicted trends:

  • The unexpected becomes the expected: It’s more important than ever to ensure freight forwarders are resilient and ready for anything. And the right technology and data can help improve efficiency.
  • Economic uncertainty and the rise of protectionism: The slowdown in economic activity will significantly impact freight forwards’ customer base as countries export less. This could lead to more industry consolidation in 2023.
  • Sustainability as the watchword: Sustainability continues to grow in importance, and freight forwarders have the ability to make the logistics industry more sustainable.
  • Digital freight forwarders take center stage: 2023 is a key year for innovation and growth in digital freight forwarding.

To read about Maersk's predicted trends in more depth, visit their website.