Fifth Annual Community Blood Drive

Fifth Annual Community Blood Drive

Third Annual Blood Drive Event

This July, we teamed up with our parent company, Peli Products, to host our annual blood drives. The drives support our goals through community engagement and giving to those in need, as well as help fill the critical need for blood donors as the American Red Cross experiences a severe nationwide shortage.

The Peli BioThermal blood drive took place on Tuesday, July 6 in Plymouth, Minnesota. Twenty-nine employees and community members came forward and selflessly donated enough blood to save 58 lives. This number exceeds the number of donors in 2019--by nearly double.

Through our work with first responders, defence and military, and the broader life sciences industry, we know just how important it is to have a healthy supply of safe blood products available. If you can, donate now or in the future. The American Red Cross and other blood banks are especially in need of type O donors, which includes the universal and most common blood types.

Another blood drive will take place on July 15 at Peli’s Torrance, California headquarters. Twenty-seven people donated at the 2019 event, which was enough to save 69 lives.