Crēdo™ Go Cold Chain Shipping Solution

Sep 23, 2022

Last week we officially unveiled our newest product, Crēdo™ Go. This new passive, reusable shipper is built with the same superior thermal protection and high-quality material construction you’ve come to expect from Peli BioThermal. But it has evolved into a thermally and dimensionally flexible solution that caters to variable lane challenges, temperature control requirements and payload shapes.

Each shipper is supplied with 2-, 4- or 6-TIC™ configurations to dial thermal duration up or down and switch between open and tight temperature control to meet typical and complex shipping lane profiles. New box build automation technology offers increased throughput and capacity potential with greatly reduced lead times for new shipper configurations while a simple, repeatable and accurate pack-out process reduces packing time, increases daily throughput and minimizes assembly error. Additionally, TIC™ BridgeGuard technology distributes the phase change material coolant to where it is most needed to reduce the impact of thermal bridging without sacrificing payload space or increasing chargeable shipper weight.

Crēdo™ Go reusable shippers accommodate payload sizes from 2.5 liters to 83 liters and temperature ranges from frozen to controlled room temperature. Shipping durations span 24 - 120+ hours.

Visit our product page or news release for additional information.

Credo Go assembly line