Chain of Custody for Commercial Shipments

Sep 9, 2022

Achieving precise, accurate monitoring for temperature controlled pharmaceutical shipments hinges on a verifiable chain of custody. Knowing where a shipment is, who is handling it and what factors impact its integrity along the way all comes down to this chain of custody. Verifying custody at every step along a journey, collecting the right amounts of the right kind of data and evaluating that data to solve problems are a complex but crucial need for the pharmaceutical industry.

Peli BioThermal’s recent white paper, Importance of Chain of Custody for Commercial Pharma Distribution, describes how to avoid pitfalls through chain of custody and how to leverage data in ways that allow organizations to pinpoint where issues arise. In order to establish a robust, reliable chain of custody, companies must understand how a combination of macro, meso, and micro data helps contextualize the physical and procedural movements required in a shipment. Doing so often requires the support of a packaging supplier with the experience and capacity to manage complex shipping strategies, particularly in the commercial space.

Achieving a holistic view of a shipment’s journey, one that incorporates human error, technological malfunction and emergent events, can help companies optimize their shipping strategy and reap compounding benefits well into the future.

Credo Cube Laboratory