2022 Predictions: A New Normal

Jan 5, 2022

The cold chain industry has experienced tremendous growth and change over the past year as the pandemic continued, innovations arose and companies established new ways of doing business.

Adam Tetz, our Director of Worldwide Marketing, put together some predictions for what lies ahead as we create a new normal together. Here’s a brief list of what he expects to see in 2022.

Outsourcing the cold chain
Over the past year, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies have partnered with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) for the manufacturing and development of therapies. CMOs and CDMOs have expanded their services to include cold chain logistics in order to offer streamlined end-to-end expertise and support. Adam expects this trend to continue into the next year as raw materials remain scarce and transportation unpredictable as a result of the pandemic.

Direct-to-patient and direct-from-patient growth
Over the course of the pandemic, home-based clinical trials have increased and expanded through all phases of testing. In 2022, Adam expects to see improved efficiency and experience for patients and physicians with a focus on simplifying cold chain logistics for all parties.

Brexit runs smoothly
As companies adapt to the new trade rules and complexities caused by the UK's exit from the European Union (EU), Adam expects shipments to improve, especially as COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax.

Sustainability initiatives move forward
Companies have become increasingly interested in the environmental impacts of their operations and have relied on partners like Peli BioThermal to demonstrate and report on the reduction of carbon emissions and waste through temperature-controlled packaging and thoughtful modes of transportation. Adam expects this trend to continue into the new year with an increased focus on vendor relationships that reduce overall environmental impact.

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