3 Tech Trends That Could Improve Air Cargo Shipping in the Pharma Supply Chain

There are many expectations for providing solutions that address the challenges with information flow across the air cargo supply chain. The three technology trends highlighted below could possibly help mitigate airfreight logistics risks, reduce costs related to transportation issues and/or temperature excursions and, most importantly, help manufacturers deliver high-quality drugs safely and on time.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Pharmaceutical companies can further advance their sustainability progress by using reusable shippers made with environmentally friendly components.

Parcel Shipping Packing Shootout!

See how our Sherpa, CoolGuard™ PCM, CoolGuard™ Advance and Crēdo Cube™ stack up to one another in regards to pack out. The traditional Sherpa product takes longer to pack, has more coolants / components and you have to refer to a user guide to understand how to pack.

The Journey of a CoolGuard™ Advance Shipper

Learn how our cold chain packaging preforms against the constant changes in ambient temperatures during a 5 day journey via truck, airplane and warehouse storage. Our termperature controlled packings protect products to allow safe transport to the end destination.