Temperature Controlled Packaging Technology

Tissue / Biologics

A strong case for rethinking your cold chain strategy.

Protect your high-value medical payloads across the globe with the most trusted temperature controlled packaging technologies available. Our cold chain expertise is unmatched and within easy reach — with Pelican BioThermal™ experts located in manufacturing facilities, service centers and corporate offices located worldwide. Our experts offer specialized design, engineering and lab testing capabilities that help us identify best performance “fit for purpose” solutions for each client. Our patented, award-winning Golden Hour™ Technology provides superior passive single use and reusable thermal shipper protection for valuable temperature-sensitive payloads — up to 168 hours (seven days).

Our comprehensive asset management software —  CrēdoProEnvision™ — and global service center solutions help you manage the entire life cycle of your shipper inventory. Together, these technologies and services help our life science industry clients reduce payload risk, distribution costs and their environmental impact ensuring temperature sensitive, critical and high value payloads reach their destination safely.