A Prescription for Change

A Prescription for Change

Credo Cube

When pharmaceutical companies are shipping medications across great distances, it’s not only on-time delivery that matters. On-temp delivery is even more crucial for some products. Maintaining the recommended temperature range for the payload is vital. Without it, the potency of the medication is diminished, or depleted altogether. Patient safety is at stake.

Providing the packaging that protects this valuable cargo is a tremendous responsibility. Pelican BioThermal’s Crēdo Cube™ is a temperature-controlled passive packaging system distinguished by its outstanding performance. Crēdo Cube shippers offer superior protection and reliability for the transportation of payloads requiring maintenance of a variety of tight temperature ranges that go from controlled room temperatures (CRTs) to several chilled and frozen options. This system is the ideal solution when unavoidable circumstances might present a delay during shipping, whether that delay is expected or unexpected.

Shipping costs are consistently reduced when Crēdo Cube shippers are implemented into the cold chain. Our innovative system is technically advanced, the result of years of testing in our Pelican laboratory by on-staff engineers specializing in new product development, design and rigorous quality testing.

This case study, A Prescription for Change, details the resounding success that was achieved by one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world after they adopted and implemented Pelican BioThermal’s Crēdo Cube shippers into their cold chain shipping system. Read the full case study article below.