Custom Packout solves extreme temperature challenge for Global Logistics specialist

Custom Packout solves extreme temperature challenge for Global Logistics specialist

A leading global bioscience logistics specialist company were approached by a pharmaceutical
manufacturer client who wanted to ship a full pallet of +2oC to 8oC product from Belgium to Iceland. Their current solution was expensive and the exteme cold temperatures sometimes found in Iceland were giving them difficulties.

Various discussions took place between the logistics provider and Peli BioThermal. CoolPallTM Flex, CoolPallTM Vertos and the companys CrēdoTM on Demand rental options were considered. CoolPall Flex was deemed too small for the consignment and with the shipment going to Iceland, the client did not want to have to return a rental container, so CoolPall Vertos was selected.

Product Challenge
The client considered that standard CoolPall Vertos qualification performed marginally to their winter profile and had concerns that the sub zero conditions in Iceland would potentially lead to a cold excursion.

Pelican BioThermal offered an alternative pack out, removing some of the -18oC coolants and replacing them with +5oC coolants. This was a pack out that the company had trialled previously in their laboratory which had shown good results so the client was advised accordingly.

Following the change of packout, the consignment was shipped sucessfully, with no excursions. Both the logistics provider and the client were extremely happy. with the performance of the CoolPall Vertos and the experience will give them confidence for future, similiar shipments. CoolPall Vertos not only worked extremely well thermally but also gave a significant cost saving over alternative solutions.