In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of pharmaceutical products has a direct effect on patient safety and the efficacy of patient therapies. Whether you’re shipping finished products, transporting clinical trials materials or delivering sample drugs, temperature excursions mean the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.

Peli BioThermal product brands provide:

  • A full range of temperature-controlled packaging options with the most reliable, longest temperature control duration on the market
  • Full complement of temperature control global logistics services
  • Single use and reusable temperature-controlled containers for every pharmaceutical market. including chilled, frozen, controlled room temperature (CRT)
  • Custom design, engineering and manufacturing services
  • Optimised payload ratio that reduces distribution costs.
  • One hundred percent recyclable components that reduce your impact on the environment
  • Web-based asset management software solution to track individual shipments, set up automatic maintenance, refurbishment, reuse, replenishment and next shipments alerts and produce and customisable reports