Blood Supplies

Blood banks, hospitals and first responders know the importance of protecting valuable blood supplies and medicines. When transporting life-saving materials, a temperature excursion can mean the difference between life and death.

Peli BioThermal™ packaging ensures the integrity of mobile supplies and inventories, offering:

  • A full range of single use and reusable temperature-controlled packaging options surround and isolate the entire payload, eliminating hot or cold spots and locking in a specific temperature range up to 96 hours and meet chilled, frozen, controlled room temperature needs
  • The extended thermal performance of  Crēdo Cube™  packaging solutions allow you to choose cost-effective standardised delivery services and protects your payload in the event of delivery delays
  • Custom design, engineering and manufacturing services
  • Optimised payload ratio that reduces distribution costs.
  • One hundred percent recyclable components that reduce your impact on the environment
  • Web-based asset management software solution to track individual shipments, set up automatic maintenance, refurbishment, reuse, replenishment and next shipments alerts and produce and customisable reports