Leadership Team

  • Ray Crane promotion


    Vice President of Worldwide Operations
    Ray Crane brings many years of manufacturing operations, supply chain and engineering experience to...
  • Lyndon Faulkner

    Lyndon Faulkner

    As President and CEO of Pelican™ Products, Inc. Lyndon Faulkner brings more than 25 years of...
  • Phil Gyori

    Phil Gyori

    Group President
    Bringing several years of executive and management experience to his new role, Phil Gyori will run...
  • David Williams

    David Williams

    Dave Williams brings 30 years of executive and management experience to his post. He is responsible...
  • Kevin Lawler

    Kevin Lawler

    Vice President of Sales
    Kevin Lawler has over 25 years of sales leadership experience predominantly in early stage, growth...
  • Greg Wheatley

    Greg Wheatley

    VP Worldwide Product Development & Engineering
    With 20 years of hands-on business and leadership experience, Greg Wheatley brings the acumen to...
  • Dominic Hyde

    Dominic Hyde

    Vice President of Crēdo on Demand
    Dominic Hyde is well experienced in the global cold chain logistics field, in which he has worked...
  • Fiona Adams

    Fiona Adams

    Director of Worldwide Finance
    Fiona Adams is a Certified Accountant with over 20 years post qualification experience.
  • Adam Tetz

    Adam Tetz

    Director of Worldwide Marketing
    Adam Tetz brings more than 20 years of marketing experience to the role.  He is responsible for...
  • Lynaye Reynolds

    Lynaye Reynolds

    Director of Worldwide Quality
    Lynaye Reynolds has been with the business for 4 years and has become a key contributor to the...
  • James Klingelhoefer

    James Klingelhoefer

    Director of Sales Americas
    James Klingelhoefer has over 12 years of experience in various leadership, sales and customer...
  • Paul Terry

    Paul Terry

    Director of Sales EMEA
    Prior to joining Peli BioThermal, Paul has spent the last 10 years working within the paper and...
  • Benson Teo

    Benson Teo

    Senior Director of Sales for Asia
    Benson brings more than 20 years of experience in sales to MTS (now known as Pelican BioThermal)...