Reverse Logistics Software

Crēdo ProEnvision™ is a robust web-based asset management software solution that provides real time tracking and tracing of individual Crēdo™ temperature controlled shippers through the entire end-to-end distribution cycle. This helps ensure payload efficacy and efficient lifecycling of reusable packaging inventory assets while providing a high return on investment. The easy-to-use software helps the global life sciences industry manage its demanding and expanding cold chain logistics supply chain operations while meeting the stringent requirements of a highly regulated industry.

The Crēdo ProEnvision™ reverse logistics tracking system includes:

  • Convenient, secure web-based access from anywhere
  • Executive dashboard reporting
  • A worldwide view of Crēdo™ shipper movement and asset management
  • Highly accountable Crēdo™ KPI reporting
  • Customisable asset management lifecycle system reporting
  • Integration and collaboration with major third party logistic carriers’ management systems providing immediate domestic and international pickup/delivery updates
  • Automatic alerts and triggers for maintenance, refurbishment, reuse, replenishment and next shipments
  • Comprehensive education, training and deployment assistance on reverse logistics processes