Asset Management Solutions

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The global life sciences industry faces a number of complex challenges — protecting the integrity of their temperature-sensitive high-value payloads while mitigating costs, managing and tracking the assets within a complex cold chain closed loop logistics system, meeting increasingly stringent global regulatory standards and navigating complicated global shipping lanes and unforeseen challenges.

Peli BioThermal has developed a comprehensive range of cold chain asset management and optimisation solutions to assist pharmaceutical, biotechnology, tissue/diagnostic,  government/military, blood and 3rd party logistics providers with:

  • Tracking and tracing their valuable and critical thermally protected payloads around the globe
  • Automating their cold chain packaging cleaning and refurbishment schedules
  • Building and manageing an efficient, reusable, sustainable, closed-loop packaging solution
  • Improving regulatory accountability
  • Lowering distribution costs
  • Reducing payload risk to pharmaceuticals, tissues, biologics, diagnostics, clinical trials/vaccines and blood supplies transported around the globe
  • Decreasing their environmental impact
  • Maximizing their return on investment