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ATS Healthcare is the largest, most reputable provider in Canada's temperature controlled healthcare transportation industry.

Healthcare and cosmetic manufacturers, wholesalers and their customers appreciate our reliable end-to-end solutions to their temperature management, security and other shipping requirements. Our standards are the highest, complying with Health Canada guidelines for the transportation of temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical devices and over-the-counter products. ATS provides shippers a clean, efficient and committed healthcare focused solution.

Austar is a leading provider of integrated engineering solutions with high-end and comprehensive services and products to reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers and research institutes. Austar was founded in 1991 and its headquarters are based in Beijing.

BeWi Flamingo develops and manufactures adapted protective packaging solutions and technical components for industrial customers in a wide range of sectors.

Biothermal Importação e Exportação offers cold chain logistics support in South America. Located in the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Biothermal Importação e Exportação was created to meet the growing demands of specialised clinics and provides differentiated products through logistic and distribution with standards that exceed those required by the market.

Set up to look after the challenging but ever growing needs of the South African market, BioThermal SA are pioneering the use of PCM systems into a market is dominated by water-based systems. The dedicated sales team at BioThermal SA  are passionate about our PCM products, thus offering higher performance, greater protection and reliability to their customer base.

BL Turkey is a boutique Specialty Logistics Company founded in Turkey and %100 dedicated to the biopharmaceutical & life sciences industries. With over 10 years of experience in clinical trials logistics, we have been delivering end-to-end logistics solutions for time & temperature sensitive lifesaving shipments to Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostics companies in Turkey and abroad under GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines.

CMI are specialists in control, validation, temperature controlled packaging and calibration since 1991, CMI uses its experience to ensure quality service through its qualified staff, who are trained in the most complex technologies.

CMC Element’s business covers import and export, overseas & domestic distribution and the related products of cold chain for the Chinese market. CMC Element cooperates with partners from various parts of the world to realize growth and development for all.

CMI has been a specialist since 1991 in the sector of controls, validations and calibrations. We offer a wide range of high-tech instruments including thermal packaging solutions with a commitment to serving the customer’s needs. We have offices in France and Belgium.

Cold Chain Packing® is the Middle East specialist in Cold Chain solutions, based in Saudi Arabia. Our years of experience operating in one of the most extreme climates in the world allows us to offer a wide range of professional services and quality products for the Cold Chain Industry.

Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a core supplier specialised in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in an international basis. Established in 1998 with the goal of expanding its service to a global scale, the company obtained its Warehouse Distribution Licence in 2007. Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is now an integral part of the market and supplying to 86 countries in 6 continents with its robust service network.

CPE is a leading provider in offering valuable services for cold chain solutions in Spain. They offer thermal packaging, clinical trial logistics, smart cold chain devices, ancillary air cargo services and much more.

DS Smith Sweden is a specialist in customer-specific packaging with emphasis on design and service close to the customer. Our packaging improves packaging, shipping, handling and sales of products. Our offer consists of selling packaging design, displays and outdoor advertising, packaging lines, impact protection, packaging equipment, logistics solutions and specialized products and barrier. DS Smith also has a location in the Netherlands.

Innoplus is a trading company specialized in packaging for transport shipments at controlled temperature, infectious or not restricted biologicals products (UN – cat. A and cat. B), pharmaceutical products and all temperature sensitive products. All our packaging solutions are developed, produced and validated with inspiration and respect of international transport rules and regulations, by air (IATA/ICAO), by road (ADR/RID) and by sea (IMDG/IMO) and we guarantee and certify the necessary temperature control of your products. Innoplus is based in Rescaldina (Milan) with a sales office in Monterotondo (Rome) and is part of a logistics group active in national and international transports

Jupiter Express possess the leading expertise in the field of bio-logistics. Above all, they take full responsibility and commitment for transporting life science assets used to treat diseases and save lives around the world.

Established in 1989, Jupiter Logistics (Thailand) are one of the premier logistics businesses in South East Asia. Specialising in Air, Sea and Road transportation as well as customs clearance.

Kryotec is a company founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the cold chain distribution industry. Kryotec offers technology for preserving temperature sensitive payloads throughout Mexico, using temperature controlled packaging, such as Credo Cube(TM) Cube and other Pelican BioThermal(TM) shippers.

ryotec is a company founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in the cold chain distribution industry. Kryotec offers technology for preserving temperature sensitive payloads throughout Mexico, using temperature-controlled packaging, such as Crēdo™ Cube and other Pelican BioThermal shippers.  In addition to Mexico and the US, Kryotec also has locations in Panama, Columbia, Peru and Costa Rica.

Import, export and distribution expert for temperature controlled packaging. Extensive network of depots for collection and distribution of Pelican BioThermal products throughout Japan.

PentaKUHL serves and offers temperature sensitive pharmaceutical solutions throughout India, with its unique range of passive packaging products.

Pharmaserv Express pioneered using state of the art facilities for cold chain management in the Philippines. Pharmaserv Express is the leading provider of cold chain distribution services in the Philippines and addresses with integrity the critical requirements of the healthcare industry.

Popular International (Pvt.) Ltd is a decade old organisation growing from Popular pharmacy into Popular International. We have established the name Popular international as one the leading health care distributors in the region. Over the years there has been a change from a local company to nationwide company. In future we see ourselves as international company and a global company. We employ a team of enthusiastic professionals who in various divisions of the Company put their skills to work in Distributing pharmaceutical, medical and diagnostic products across Pakistan.

Our new Distributor in Germany, website - email contact:-


Sharkmed was founded in 2000 by Topi Haikala, a former paramedic and fireman/sergeant. The Company specialises in supplying equipment to Emergency Medical Services, particularly Tactical Combat Casualty Care, as well as providing training in personal and fire safety.

Covering Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Belarus and Croatia, as well as UAE, Oman and Bahrain, Tardigrad offer the full range of Peli BioThermal products to their customers. They have many years of experience in serving the pharmaceutical and clinical trials market and also offer consultancy, logistics, preconditioning and transport to their ever growing portfolio.

Veritas Biomedical were formed in 2021 and the key members of staff have many years of experience within the pharmaceutical market. The Leadership team have held executive positions in Pharmaceutical Distributors in Taiwan. Veritas Biomedical includes teams for regulatory, medical, laboratory and logistics operations.

Vonk B.V. has been a stock holding distributor for Peli Products since 1989. It is our mission to help customers design, develop and deliver the best high quality solution, creating maximum durability and offering the best safety. The Peli BioThermal product line fits perfectly with our vision of safety and protection for all who need to rely on it to save lives.

Industry Alliances

With over 30 years’ experience Biocair provides specialised logistics services exclusively dedicated to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences sectors. The company has built up a unique, client-centric approach by employing scientists in front-line logistics positions and assembling a global team of best-in-class industry experts in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance amongst others. Biocair focuses on providing the most comprehensive time-sensitive and temperature-controlled logistics services available whilst delivering flexible, tailored, cost effective solutions to all clients.

With growing environmental concerns, Biocair is implementing new closed loop supply chains utilising high performance PCM packaging technology, where conditions allow. In one recent project, Biocair saved 9000kg from landfill and reduced its CO2 emissions by 8.5 tonnes. This project is unique in the industry, allowing Biocair to provide an improved overall service, with both environmental benefits and associated net savings to the customer.

CNW Courier Network understands supply chain challenges and delivers the best, customized and most efficient solutions to meet temperature-controlled time and mission critical shipping requirements. By working closely with customers, CNW offers tailored solutions for the Life Sciences industry with a unique commitment to follow shipments through the pickup, shipping, customs and delivery process to offer the highest standards of reliability in the industry.

FedEx Healthcare Shared Network offers a premium, time-definite, temperature-controlled delivery service to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic product industries. It operates within the U.S. as a closed-loop network with chain of custody reporting processes and exclusive dock operators moving under a detailed schedule to and from strategically placed crossdocks.

Marken is one of the fastest growing specialized logistics and support services companies to the biopharmaceutical industry, fulfilling a key role in the early phase II + III stages of research and drug development. Our services include export of trial medication, vaccines and clinical trial material, cold-chain management, protocol support and regulatory advice, investigator liaison and biological sample movement on a global basis.

For 35 years, QuickSTAT has managed clinical trial logistics in more than 150 countries worldwide. With innovative solutions that offer complete end-to-end transportation services, your time and temperature-sensitive clinical research specimens, investigational drugs, and biologics are handled with unmatched attention, reliability and care. Life Science companies throughout the world rely on QuickSTAT to help bring important new drugs and medical protocols to the market and provides customized logistics solutions for all phases of research and drug development--from pre-clinical to commercialization. 

Our logistics specialists focus on your unique life science product, and deliver solutions for all temperature ranges — from controlled room temperature, refrigerated, frozen, to deep frozen in liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers. In-transit storage and refrigerated vehicles utilizing GDP guidelines and best practices protect the integrity of your temperature-controlled shipments. 

Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific offer a unique combination of continuous technology development and the most convenient purchasing options. Our products and services help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, and solve analytical challenges ranging from complex research to routine testing to field applications.

With the world's most comprehensive route network, including certified stations in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Soth America, United Cargo's TempControl has the capacity and experitse to manage shipments requiring temperature-controlled transport at an increasing number of strategic locations around the globe. United operates a mainline fleet of nearly 700 aircraft, including over 150 wide bodies. With a 24/7 global Control Tower for TempControl shipments, United maintains a commitment to the highest levels of customer communication and performance reliability.

Logistics. Getting things where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there, and doing it as efficiently as possible. Providing a suite of logistics services at every step along the way in order to help you become more efficient, serve your customers better, and help you grow. Providing better use of all logistics assets. 

World Courier is the leader in specialty logistics for global clinical trials delivering fully-integrated GxP-compliant temperature-controlled transport, storage and distribution solutions. With a network numbering over 150 global offices and the know-how gained from involvement in over 10,000 clinical studies, World Courier’s cold chain transport services in emerging markets and globally are designed to shorten timelines and streamline logistical practices while improving the overall supply chain.

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