The Crēdo™ series of products, named for the Latin word ‘trust,’ encompasses an extensive portfolio of shipping solutions that range in size from a 2L container to a full pallet (890L) that protect payloads requiring a frozen (without dry ice), refrigerated (without gel packs) or control room temperature state. Proven, precise and reliable. The Crēdo Cube product line is well-known for providing unprecedented thermal protection for temperature-sensitive payloads.

The Crēdo™ name reflects Pelican BioThermal's™ most trusted position as the leading provider of innovative passive thermal control solutions. It also highlights new offerings including the longest-duration passive thermal container available on the market as well as our premier closed-loop asset management services.

The Series indicates the thermal control freeze point of the Phase Change Material (PCM). For example, Series 22 has a freeze point of 22° C  managing controlled room temperature range between 15°C-25ºC. Series 4 has a freeze point of 4° C and manages refrigerated temperature range between 1ºC-10ºC. Series 20M has a freeze point of minus 20° C and manages frozen temperature range between -15ºC and -25ºC, while Series 50M has a freeze point of minus 50° C and manages deep frozen temperatures at sub -40ºC.

Crēdo products are organized by series based on the temperature range of the Phase Change Material (PCM) encapsulated in the Thermal Isolation Chamber (TIC). All of the products in a series are rated for the same range of temperatures and are further differentiated by payload volume and thermal protection performance duration capacity. For example, a Series 4 1248 indicates a reusable Crēdo container with an operating temperature range between 2º-8ºC with a payload capacity of 12 liters and thermal protection/performance up to 48 hours.

Other than their names, the containers are exactly the same. The materials used have not changed, and thus the performance (thermal and mechanical) is unchanged.

No. Other than their product series name, the containers are exactly the same. There is no need to revalidate.

Golden Hour™ technology is the core of the Crēdo Cube series. The patented technology helps the Crēdo Cube series achieve unprecedented thermal performance.

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Currently, all Crēdo Cube containers are currently manufactured in the U.S.A. with expansion into Europe planned in 2015 along with robust distribution and product service capabilities to better serve our growing global customer base.